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We provide high-quality transportation services with special emphasis on safety, reliability, comfort, and timeliness, with transparency, integrity, and excellence in customer service at market-competitive rates.


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We founded Metro Shuttle service from our upbringing and who we are. Our family background is in the transportation industry, having family owned and operated transportation vehicles, vehicle distribution facilities and vehicle service and maintenance bases in several countries. It is an important distinction, because many times people are drawn to an industry for the money making prospects there, but we are in this industry because we grew up in it, and love it as you would love the elementary school you went to. For us, the smell of diesel fumes and coffee at day break are the start of an outstanding day at work. We also have a military background, parents, unclses, grandparents, who have served the USA in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Our structure and diligence, keeping to schedule in our logistics, work ethic, and responsiveness, and our core values of service, integrity, and excellence, directly tie back to that influence, and we are very proud of it.

Our cultural backgrounds are diverse, as everything in South Florida, but we all have the common thread that the founders grew up with a Christian faith in smaller town settings outside the city, and we still believe deep down that a good business will always have good intention, and superior customer treatment. Out of the many transportation companies in the area, we are one of the most caring about the satisfaction our services produces. Not just to do a good job, but to deliver customer accepted benefits that go above and beyond our call of duty. You will see a number of tips, layout decisions, and graphic interfaces throughout this website, which attest to that spirit of going above and beyond to ensure you have the best we can give you. That same drive is present in the vehicles safety and maintenance, and in the driver’s attention, comments and suggestions.

We understand that our customer’s objectives, hopes and dreams, are the reason for which they travel and are the core of what is truly important to them. They did not come to Florida to spend time with us, but we do not see that as a disconnection. On the contrary. We are grateful that they have those aspirations, because without them, we would have nobody to transport, and would have to find another profession. We recognize that even though our meeting may be by chance, we can still become a highlight of their travel experience in the area. And that is precisely what we try to do. When our customers return home, after having a wonderful experience, we want them to remember us in particular, as a part of what made their travels special. It is the reason we encourage our customers to stay in touch with us after they return home. The many different ways to connect with us, which are prominently displayed in this website are a testament to that fact. We are not a recurring business as a local donut shop, so the chances are minimal that generating recurring business could make our break us. But for us, it is all about sharing wonderful travel memories for generations to come, and we want to be a part of it.

Some companies will try to operate unlicensed businesses, with uninsured vehicles, or swindle customers into things they don’t need, or take longer trips than necessary to make more money off of a ride, or put secret clauses in the fine print to charge additional fees and penalties. Florida may have a history of that kind of thing, but we will have none of that. We will never charge a surprise fee for a ‘mandatory luggage insurance’ that you find out upon arrival, or charge a ‘risk assessment’ for not making a confirmation phone call, or add a compulsory tip to the bill, or add clauses to the bill for oil disposal, tolls, parking, port fees, or any other business expenses that are not disclosed in advance. We are straight forward, above board, and honest in our dealings when it comes to money, and we look after our customer’s interests in the process of providing the service. If we charge something more, it will make sense to you that there be an additional charge. You may choose an upgraded service we offer, or choose to bring more people, or require our resources for a private group instead of shared, etc.

Our Mission Statement

We provide high-quality transportation services with special emphasis on safety, reliability, comfort, and timeliness, with transparency, integrity, and excellence in customer service at market-competitive rates.

Everything we do, from a serpentine belt inspection for cracking and glazing, the types of brake pads we choose, and the sanitizing wipe down before a ride, to the tone of our dispatcher and the information given by our driver, hinges around this mission. More than just what we do, it is who we are.

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