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We provide high-quality transportation services with special emphasis on safety, reliability, comfort, and timeliness, with transparency, integrity, and excellence in customer service at market-competitive rates.


Business Invoice Billing for Volume Transportation Accounts
If your business has the transportation volume credit approval, you can opt to be invoiced monthly.

Monthly Transportation Service Invoice Billing

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Your business is in good hands when you partner with Metro Shuttle Service for your South Florida Business Transportation needs. Look into our Business Services.

When you constantly have people to move around, guests coming into town, team building activities, and events, it can be cumbersome to not have a transportation partner. Each trip may require several calls for quotes, handling each bill separately and processing payments, taking contact information of the company, providing it to the participants, knowing what to expect from your Transportation Company, and from time to time, soothing bad experiences of your guests with under performing providers. Partnering with Metro Shuttle Services solves all those problems.

Invoice billing is one of the many perks our partners enjoy, and a significant one at that. Invoice billing means that we have an open account for your business, with a reasonable credit limit, and terms, and all services provided within each month period are summarized in a detailed statement that you receive once per month.

Office work, becomes streamlined not only because of the single source management, and the single payment processing, but also because there is a standard discount in the program based on your monthly volume, so your staff does not need to call for quotes on each service, the contact information is always the same, with no doubts and quick access. Over time, the staff will know exactly what to expect from us, that we take phone calls directly to the driver before arrivals, that we run on time over 95% of the time, that we are sometimes early and wait, that our vehicles are clean and in good condition, etc. and that depth of information will help your staff to put guests at ease. ‘Metro Shuttle will pick the group up at 7:00am promptly to bring you to the office, and they sometimes run a little early if you would like to get a head start. Their number is Closed due to Covid if you want to call them before they arrive.’

There are many great benefits of invoice billing, like having full visibility into who is being transported, where, and how the transportation dollars are being spent. All the information will be available for you in a single file you keep in your office with our statements, and is very easy for any data entry person to put into your expense management software if you wish, so you can use the information later in statistical analysis. There are also the time savings and reductions in administrative expenses, improved cash flows, lower transportation costs, smooth flow of operations, and predictability.

And all of this value comes with pleasant support service, and a professional interface. You are in good hands with us as your transportation partner. We only approve qualified businesses for Invoice Billing, and there is a process to get signed up. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to sign up for invoice billing, please call us at Closed due to Covid, we look forward to helping you. Call and start your approval process right now!

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Invoice billing requires credit and volume approval.

Call Closed due to Covid now to discuss your situation & request to start up on the program!.

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