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Fun Travel Tips in South Florida
Travel experience is a very enriching part of life, and these are ideas to get the most out of it.

Fun Tips in South Florida

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Have fun, stay safe, and find great things to do in Miami and Fort Lauderdale with our assortment of Travel Tips. Return to our main Travel Tips page.

Here are some great suggestions to make your trip to South Florida a truly memorable experience that will help create your legacy of an enriched life with your family for generations to come.

Many of these tips will make your life easier, others will alleviate worries during your trip, others will provide insight into general travel that will enhance future trips too, and others will inspire fun and excitement. Alltogether, the tips will raise your trip to another level.

Please also make sure to see our page with safety tips in South Florida. We want you to have fun, but more importantly, we want you to make it back home safe.

Fun Tips for South Florida Travel

Get out early and see a lot of places – Sometimes people who travel are tired, and choose to sleep in and rest. There is no problem with resting, but being in a place that offers so much, and choosing to stay back, is a recipe for big regrets later. Use your curiosity to motivate yourself and explore the place you are in. If you need ideas, we have South Florida Sightseeing Tours, amazing shopping excursions to the best malls in South Florida, a reference section with a listing of tourist attractions and things to do in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, a listing of great South Florida Restaurants, and even a list of great hotels in South Florida, in case you were looking. Hotel amenities can be great, but they do not compare to seeing the people, history, and getting to know the place you are in.

The best local food is the restaurant with the fullest parking lot – It sounds funny, but it is an assumption that will hold up to scrutiny. Local restaurants with the best food always stay busy. If it doesn’t look like a tourist trap, and it has a lot of people, the chances are that it is very good. Give it a try…

Take a lot of pictures – It may seem like a very stereotypical tourist thing, but there is a reason for that. It is because it is a great thing to do when you are a tourist. You will forget the name of the café you loved by the beach, and the friends you met on the cruise, but pictures will hold those cherished memories, and create a legacy to share with children and grandchildren. The amazing, the good, the bad, and the ugly, are all worth sharing.

Address big time zone changes and take Melatonin – When your travels take you more than 2 time-zones away, it is useful to bring a Melatonin supplement along and handle yourself to avoid missing out on the fun due to jet-lag. Stay up, even when your body begs you to sleep, until bedtime in your new time-zone, and take the directed amount of Melatonin before you go to sleep. It could shorten your acclimation time to the next morning, allowing you to focus on work or fun during your trip.

Bring gum on flights – It sounds silly, but it is a tip of great value. There is a discomfort that people go through because of the change in pressure as the aircraft ascends and descends. During those periods, chewing gum can help to avoid pressure buildup inside the eardrums, and the ensuing pain and ringing sound, especially in children.

Bring onboard entertainment for kids – If you travel with children, bring their favorite compact toys, and iPod, or mobile gaming device as carry-on, so they can be entertained during prolonged waiting at airports, during flights, and at cruise check points.

Make a checklist, and use it – It can be very annoying to find yourself checking into a hotel at midnight, after a long day of travel, with plans in the morning, and find that you forgot your mobile phone charger. Every time you think ‘damn! I wish I had brought this thing’, add it to the checklist. Keeping a checklist will make sure that you have the things you need and like to have when you travel.

Book flights into areas with an overnight stay – Try to stay away from booking flights that have a commute directly into your cruise port or local activity. Last minute flights into an event are usually overbooked, and delays do occur, so chances are high that you could miss the event. Instead, book yourself in a day or two early, and explore the local area. It is fun, and can ensure you arrive on time.

Think logistics when booking hotels – If you came to go to the beach, then a hotel on the beach may be ideal for you, and if you want a hotel room for a night from your flight to your cruise ship, stay within range of the airport or cruise port. Transportation is quicker, more predictable, and shared shuttle fares are much lower than regular and private fares, and usually include hotels located within 3 miles of major shuttle stops like airports and cruise ports. With the available free online map technology, it is easy to check where places are and the distance between them.

Bring your own water on your day trips – An often overlooked item on the list for day trips on vacation is the water bottle. But in some places it could be hard or dangerous to find drinking water, and it is always best to have water close at hand, so you can have fun longer.

Keep medicines in their original container – In order to avoid issues that may arise with security checkpoints, it is good to keep any medication in its original labeled container.

Get luggage with wheels – Not all suitcases are the same. Having wheels on your luggage makes moving your things a lot easier and faster, and when you arrive, you will feel a lot less drained from the trip.

Place distinctive marks on your luggage – When finding luggage on conveyor belts and luggage store rooms, it will be a lot easier to recognize your luggage if it is customized with colors, stickers, or conspicuous tags. Nobody cares to lug around a suitcase with two big off-color stripes on it, but when it comes to finding it in a sea of other people’s luggage, it is quick, easy, and stress free.

Avoid packing clothing that requires ironing – It is amazing how traveling can make clothing require additional ironing. To the extent possible, bring clothing that does not require ironing, and fold it to the largest size that will lay it flat in the suitcase. Avoid large amounts of empty space by selecting luggage of the right size for your needs.

Pack your socks into your shoes – When packing, stuff your socks inside the shoes that are going in your suitcase. It saves space, and helps the shoes to hold their shape better during travel.

Pack sets of matched clothes – Don’t just pack 5 pairs of pants and 5 shirts, make sure that each shirt, pant, shoe, belt, accessory combination is right. It can be frustrating to find that your final shirts do not match your final pants.

If you forgot something check the hotel before replacing it – If you find that you forgot your toothbrush, razor, comb, deodorant, or any item of toiletry, check with the hotel housekeeping before you go out to a convenience store to buy it. Hotels often have free replacements that will work well for the few days of your trip.

Check your mobile phone service coverage costs – Call your phone carrier, and ask about your plan, and the rates for the destination you are traveling to. Perhaps they have a plan available so you can use your phone there without an excessive price. It could be surprising, but sometimes, even just having the phone on, where it checks in periodically with the local tower network could imply a big phone bill when you come back, even if you did not send or receive calls.

Travel light – It is better to travel with less items than necessary, than it is to travel with many things you will not use. Having less to pull around, means you have less to misplace, and less to worry about, and it is easier to get around and have fun.

Get in the habit of looking back before you leave – When traveling, we tend to be in awe of what we are seeing, because it is all new to us. We are very distracted, and our attention is not on our belongings. Whenever you leave a restaurant table or depot seating, get into the habit of looking back and checking if you left something.

Thank you for your support, we hope you have a wonderful trip, and look forward to serving you!

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