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Convention Center Shuttle Service in Miami and Fort Lauderdale
Move your team back and forth to the convention center as a team, with timely and reliable service

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Your business is in good hands when you partner with Metro Shuttle Service for your South Florida Business Transportation needs. Look into our Business Services.

Every major event has logistics challenges for participants, and that may include parking, or commute for guests from out of town. Often times, there is so much to manage already in putting together the actual event, that this area gets overlooked, impacting the benefit and effect of the activity. Not handling people logistics well can be a major problem. And that is where we step in, with resources and expertise to assist you.

If you have a lot of guests in a particular area, we can set up a fixed schedule shuttle or bus to connect the points of your activity with hotels, business facilities, remote additional parking, or whatever your need may be. We not only provide the vehicles and personnel, but we also manage the program to ensure that the service is up to par, and we are experts at it. After all, it is what we do all day, every day.

Given the complexities of larger events, making reservations in advance is imperative, and providing accurate estimates of transportation requirements is also of the essence. We are a very flexible transportation company, but we cannot guarantee that additional capacity will be available at the time of the event if required, and it is costly to allocate too much capacity.

Several months before the event, we will set up the route loops required to collect and deliver guests, and return them, we will set up the scheduled times for pick ups, that will meet the transportation volumes of the event, and produce the necessary signage for clarity. We can even use custom logo shuttle vehicles if you wish, to make the event that much more professional.

During the event, we will have the vehicles with clearly marked route information, with drivers that are knowledgeable about the program running the plan, and designated stops that have prominent signage. You will have everything you will need. We will even give you a schedule of stops and pick up times well in advance so you can disseminate the information to participants.

And all of this value comes with pleasant support service, and a professional interface. You are in good hands with us as your transportation partner. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like assistance with the services you will require for your event, please call us at Closed due to Covid, we look forward to helping you. Start the process now

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Event Transportation requires early reservations to ensure capacity availability. Don't dealy!

Call Closed due to Covid for an evaluation of your needs, and a quote for services, and begin the reservation process today!

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