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Business Day Trip Team Building Service
Chartered group transportation to build your business team spirit while in South Florida

Team Building Business Transportation in South Florida

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Teams are built over time, with a spirit of camaraderie, good faith towards each other, and trust. They become a nucleus that has shared values and responsibilities. But it is a concept that hasn’t been at the forefront of most corporate plans these days. With the slow economy, it has become less common to have Team Building exercises, because companies have had inflexible mandates to reduce spending, and these activities are harder to quantify as an impact to the bottom line in order to justify the expense. But anyone who has been a part of the decline of the business environment during the recession knows how job satisfaction is at an all time low in many businesses, and stability of the workforce is questionable at best, and that is a very big liability for a company. Because those employees are the ones that make it happen for the business.

There is a dynamic that happens within organizations, where negativity brings people down, blame is assigned, fingers are pointed, alliances created, and before you know it, a team that worked very well together is now a political battlefield, that is incapable of producing results quickly and without political bias. There is also a counter dynamic, where people share a vision, encourage each other, open up, and learn to depend on each other and trust the team. This dynamic creates a team environment that produces quick results, has less absenteeism and a lower turn over rate, progresses even when team members are absent, has a capacity to think ‘outside the box’, and the best part about it is that the teammates have fun, and feel a part of something good. It is the ideal place for most American business teams, but it is not easy to develop that spirit.

Work can be heavy, stressful, and will gravitate to elicit negative responses if it is allowed to follow its own course. But as managers, we will not allow that to happen. The idea of Team Building activities is to create a positive, memorable experience that is shared by the group. They type of thing that in 20 years, they can look back on as a fond memory. It doesn’t have to be something luxurious and expensive, but something fun and done together.

For instance, taking the team on a shuttle excursion to the Florida Keys as a day trip, renting scooters for everyone, and spending a few hours poking around Key West together, bringing back a picture to frame in the office of the ‘bikers’ at the buoy of the Southernmost Point of the USA. Or stopping to play with dolphins, and then going to a Dolphin football game. The photos of the 'Dolphin Day' will become a high point of the team history. Or taking a team on an Everglades Sightseeing Tour with an Airboat Ride, to learn about this great natural wonder in our backyard, and have the thrill of the wind flying over the Sawgrass. Educational, fun, and bonding. Or take a private shuttle service out of South Florida and design your own excursion to a theme park, to the historical town of Saint Augustine, or to Cape Canaveral for a Space Shuttle launch. There is no better place to speak of teamwork than to see the achievement of people going into space. And it is a very memorable, bonding experience. There are points of interest all over Florida, and the possibilities are endless. Feel free to take your pick.

Upon the return from the trip, the team will have had an escape from work, be relaxed and refocused, and have a fond shared memory to pull them together in the tougher times. You simply can’t go wrong with a teambuilding trip. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like assistance in selecting the Team Building day trip that is right for you, please call us at Closed due to Covid, we look forward to helping you. Our shuttle space is limited, so book your shuttle while it is still available. Call us now!

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Team building daytrips require reservations in advance to ensure available space.

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