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Frequently Asked Questions

I heard Sawgrass Mills is big, but how big exactly is 2.4 Million Square Feet?

5,000 Sq Ft Room100,000 Square Foot Street
500,000 Square Foot Neighborhood2.4 Million Square Foot Town

A: So you can grasp the number, most retail stores (boutique style) are about 1,000 Ft2. To the right is a photo of a 5,000 square foot facility (50’ X 100’), which could be divided into 5 retail stores (each with a 20 foot storefront with windows, and 50’ depth for all their fixtures and products. Now think of a street with 100 boutique shops (20 of the facilities to the right). Now think of a neighborhood with 5 streets each with 100 boutique stores. The 2.4 million square feet of Sawgrass Mills is equivalent to a town with almost 5 such neighborhoods. That is 480 of the facilities in the picture, or enough to house 1,920 boutique stores. Sawgrass Mills is not 2,000 boutique stores, it is manufacturer outlets, which tend to be bigger than 1,000 square foot, especially the anchor tennants. But the point is that it is a very large shopping area. Be sure to plan the time for your visit accordingly, and don’t forget to bring comfortable walking shoes… Visit our Sawgrass Mills Shopping Excursion page!

Q: What makes your fleet reliable?
A: We understand that arriving is the single most important thing for our customers, and for us, having vehicle breakdowns is also not good for business revenues. And for these reasons, we follow a rigorous preventative maintenance schedule to keep our vehicles operating as required.

Q: Are your vehicles licensed and insured?
A: There are many operators that do not carry insurance, and have lapsed licenses, etc. Metro Shuttle is committed to having qualified drivers with proper licensing, with vehicles that are also properly licensed and insured. But we go much further than that, with a policy on safe driving, and daily vehicle safety inspections, to reduce risks even further.

Q: What hygienic precautions are taken with the vehicles?
A: Our vehicles are washed with frequency on the outside, in order to maintain a professional appearance, but on the inside, where it counts most, they are wiped down with a sanitizing solution before and after each trip.

Q. Where and how do I meet the Shuttle at the airport?
A. Your specific pick up location at the airport is in your email confirmation. Upon retrieving your baggage, proceed out to curbside on the lower level (arrivals), and walk to your right up to the midpoint between the terminal you arrived in and the following terminal. Please keep your mobile phone ON upon landing. We will be contacting you to let you know our shuttle is in the area looking for you, and provide you with the name of the driver and shuttle number to help coordinate. Our shuttles are white, and are easily identifiable with the Metro Shuttle logo and operating license number on the rear side. The driver also knows the terminal you arrived in, and will be looking for you. Just make eye contact and wave. Please be sure you have the right shuttle, as it is not our responsibility if you board a shuttle of another company.

Q. What if I don’t receive a call from you?
A. Communication is a two way street. Sometimes the phone number on the reservation is different to the mobile phone number available upon arrival. If the dispatcher or the driver has not called you for any reason, it is best that you call our main number. We will ensure coordination from there.

Q. What happens if my flight is delayed?
A. We check with the airlines on all incoming transfers, so we will know if your flight is delayed, and change you to the next available shuttle.

Q. How much luggage is allowed?
A. Our rates include luggage transportation for up to 2 large suitcases and 1 carry-on per person. If you will require additional capacity, it is not a problem, but please let us know in advance so we can plan accordingly.

Q. Are driver gratuities expected?
A. Yes. And very much appreciated. Gratuities are a very important compensation component for all service providers in the travel industry. It is the heritage of the industry.

Q. Are there any additional fees to my service?
A. Every expense of transportation is included in the price, except for gratuities. There is no extra charge for parking, tolls, port fees, insurance, or any other travel cost passed through to you.

Q. Are the vehicles accessible for handicapped people?
A. We have space for wheel chairs, and assistance for loading passengers who require it, but we do not have ramps on our vehicles, and there is a step-up. So, depending on the handicap, we may be able to accommodate.

Q. At what time should I schedule myself to arrive at the cruise port?
A. Any time between 11:00am and 2:00pm on the day your cruise sails. Getting on board earlier can be fun to explore the ship, or perhaps the time is best used seeing something local. Your choice of what suits you best.

Q. When the shuttle drops me off at the Cruise Port, how do I get to my ship?
A. Our drivers have each passenger’s name and cruise line information, and the shuttle will drop you off directly at your cruise line. Connections could seem daunting, but you need not worry as it will be very clear upon arrival.

Q. Where will the shuttle pick me up at the Cruise Ship Port?
A. Every cruise terminal has a designated passenger pick up and drop off area. If you have any doubts, just look out for the shuttles in the area, they will be making a line right outside when you disembark from the Cruise Ship. We will be contacting you to let you know our shuttle is in the area looking for you, and provide you with the name of the driver and shuttle number to help coordinate. Our shuttles are white, and are easily identifiable with the Metro Shuttle logo and operating license number on the rear side. The driver also knows the terminal you arrived in, and will be looking for you. Just make eye contact and wave.

Q. How long do transfers take?
A. Below are the estimated times for each of the main ground transfers we offer.
From FLL to the Port of Miami Cruise Terminal – 45 minutes
From FLL to Port Everglades Cruise Terminal – 15 minutes
From MIA to the Port of Miami Cruise Terminal – 20 minutes
From FLL to MIA – 40 minutes

Q. What happens if I can’t get off the ship on time?
A. If you miss your scheduled shuttle, you will change your reservation to the next available shuttle.

Q. I don’t know at when I will be off the ship, at what time should I schedule the shuttle pickup at the Port?
A. Cruise Ships usually begin allowing passengers off the ships at 7:30am. Passengers carrying their own luggage usually are taken first. But you still have to clear customs and immigration before being able to leave the port. If you have an early flight, carry your luggage, and let the cruise ship personnel know, and you could schedule a shuttle as early as 8:00am. We will be in contact with you by phone to coordinate.

Q. Are the scheduled pick up and drop off times reliable?
A. All times provided are estimated, and could be off by about 5 minutes on average, but unforeseeable circumstances do arise from time to time. We understand that travel delays are an issue, and we do our best to operate ahead of schedule. Flexibility of timeliness can be important for shared rides, but the schedule is dependable most of the time (about 90%).

Q. If I arrived early and take a ride with a competitor, do I get a refund?
A. No. We have planned and set aside the time, space and resources to provide the services. If you choose to not wait, the service will still be there at the agreed time.

Q. Can I have the driver wait for me while at a stop?
A. Our drivers usually have a next scheduled item, which would not allow for them waiting. However, if there is no such commitment on schedule, the driver can wait for an additional fee. The fee depends on the vehicle type and length of wait. Please call us to discuss your requirements and provide a quote.

Q. Is the pricing the same to all hotels?
A. Airport hotels are all the same pricing, and are considered all hotels within a 3 mile radius of the airport. Pricing is related to distance and time of travel. Hotels that are further away, will cost more for transportation.

Q. Can I pay in cash?
A. Yes. But there must be a credit card to hold the reservation. When the cash is received, the credit card transaction will be voided/refunded.

Q. Do you supply car seats for infants?
A. Florida law does not require booster seats and car seats for children in shuttle vehicles, and we do not carry them. If you will feel safer with one, and wish to bring your own, we will help you to fasten it in the shuttle.


If you have a question we didn't answer, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please call us and let us know the question to include the answer here for the benefit of other travelers. We sincerely appreciate your support.

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